Allek Foldable Kick Scooter F01 (Blue)

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allek scooter foldable F01 portable space saving

Model: F01 - A Distinctive Fun Ride for Little Ones

The intimate design of Allek Kick Scooter F01 makes it convenient to store when not in use and easy to carry while traveling. This scooter is comprised of aluminum alloy, sturdy stainless steel and high quality PU materials, gives our youngsters stability and safety to build their confidence and improve their riding skills. As a challenging level up, you can also prepare this scooter for toddlers.


  • 2-second fold/unfold process - Simple and safe!
  • Stylish cushioned hand grips for comfortable steering
  • 5.5" wide sturdy deck with new pattern and antiskid design
  • Undersurface of deck with fiber reinforcement and streamlined shape, And more ...

allek scooter F01 adjustable height durable lifting twisting lock 4 level

4-Level Adjustable Height

  • Handlebar can be adjusted from 24.5" up to 30.5", allowing the scooter grow up with your kid.
  • Twisting lock for height adjustment is more secure and durable compared to the old-style collar clamp.
allek scooter F01 flashing wheels big wide PU lightup

Large Flashing PU Wheels

  • 4.75" x 2" extra large front wheels provide a strong grip and smooth riding.
  • Motion-activated flashing LEDs illuminate as they ride around. No batteries required.
allek scooter F01 rear fender brake flashing PU lightup

Easy-use Rear Fender Brake

  • 2" wide PU rear wheel provides enhanced traction and carving.
  • An easy-touch fender brake covers the entire rear wheel for reliable and immediate stop.
allek scooter F01 lean to turn steer balance training

Lean-To-Turn Technology

  • It helps to develop children's balance and coordination by leaning in the direction they want to go.


allek scooter F01 portable foldable dual composite kick push kids

Portable and Space Saving

allek scooter F01 aqua blue purple vilot pink green boy girl

Dual Composite Integrated Innovation that ...

allek scooter F01 folding pink girl kick push 3 wheel

... only find in Allek Scooters!